A Woman’s Work…..

Hello, Poetry Lovers, a nice nostalgic piece for you today….

Housework, eh? Now, I keep hearing about how clean houses are at present, as a result of lockdown. Places gleaming and polished. If I was allowed to, I’d love to meet these people, because mine seems to have got even worse since this all started!

Of course this has the adverse effect that with constantly being indoors, wear and tear occurs. This is certainly the case with us. And there’s no real excuse, how long does it really all take?

Housework of course seemed a lot more laborious as I was growing up. Deafening twin tubs, huge meals at midday, and proper bed making. This was in between numerous cups of tea. How people drank that teapot dry then!

Anyway this is my account of how I saw housework….

Never done……

The candlewick bedspread shaken out – a faded green.

Weak sun from the grimy windows shone right through it.

Nylon sheets crackle as I tuck them in hamfistedly.

Mum hurries me as it’s nearly eleven o’clock.

She’ll be late for her Monday cup of tea with Mrs May.

I go along because I want to get my mitts on their slide.

Poor Teddy!

On Tuesday, Mum puts my teddy bear in the twin tub.

I see his furry twisted face full of bewilderment as he spins

around the suds – I know I will never forgive her.

How could she show such cruelty towards a defenceless bear?

I go crying to Betty next door, and she gives me an apple,

while Mum and her dive on tea and fags.

On Wednesday, the kitchen stinks of fried onions,

we had liver for dinner. The main midday meal.

Dad is grumpy, and Mum dreams of her next cup of tea.

We wash up before legging it to Mrs Bowie’s, who has the kettle on.

I show her my Sindy doll, which she loves, only having boys.

I don’t ask for a biscuit because there isn’t any.

Thursday is when auntie Florrie comes round. Mum gets the

cups ready and I go up the shop for an Aero and Beezer comic.

Auntie asks me if I’m bored during the school holidays.

I tell her I’ve never had so much fun in my life!

She gives me six pennies and I’m back up the shop!

There and back like lightening, in case I miss any swearing!

Fridays are brief – the only housework was pulling the curtains!

Then a quick cup of tea round Doreen Green’s.

I didn’t mind – I wanted to watch Crackerjack at five to five.

The dirt from the lino crunches under our feet.

A woman’s work is never done, my Mum says, before putting

the kettle on.

Well, there’s a trip down Memory Lane! I may also add that coffee was a dirty word round our way – people looked at you funny if you dared ask for such a thing.

Tune in soon for more poetry action……Thanks for watching……

2 thoughts on “A Woman’s Work…..

  1. Wonderful memories surfaced after reading this. Didn’t actually inspire me to do any housework but I do feel the need of a mug of tea!Sent from my Galaxy


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