New Year past and present….

Happy New Year, Poetry Lovers – or is it?!

This is such a bizarre era that we enter into another year with trepidation. So there’s only one solution- go back to the Seventies, where we would have chortled at the mere concept of wearing a mask. How that would have interfered with our fags and Watney’s Party Seven!

So I’ve penned a nostalgic poem, whereas the wonderful Sharron Green has written a present day New Year poem. A very clever piece conveying optimism and wariness for 2021.

First of all, the slovenly one!

New Year ’77

Is it still the Seventies?!

I’m partying hard, being chatted

up by nice blokes, while knocking

back Babychams.

Stevie Wonder on the stereo.

The telly on at midnight.

Cheering and kissing people

I’ll never see again.

I’m looking forward to 1980

when I can sit down and watch

television, a Bargain Bucket at

my side and an indifferent film

on BBC2.

A proper New Year’s Eve.

I’ll give disco’s the old heave-ho

and go to theatre’s and films –

real ones in arthouses, showing

Woody Allen and German subtitles.

I’ll wear black sweaters and people

will say “Isn’t she interesting?!”

But more likely it will be

“that’s that bird from Bill’s party!”

H. Moulson 2020

Now, we travel back to the present impending New Year’s Eve –


It’s a second to midnight, or at least getting


and I’m feeling quite nervous, for reasons


Looking back, we all know, it’s been a bad


so reaching the end should fill me with cheer,

but I’ve always felt wary, some would say fear,

– as into the unknown, I cautiously peer.

Armed with resolutions I hope to adhere,

like writing more poems, and reducing my rear,

(not the first time for that goal to appear!)

and helping the planet that we all hold so dear.

I wish all the best to all of you here

and will toast 2021 with a sparkling Kir!

@rhymes_n_roses 2020

Sharron’s vibrant new collection Viral Odes is available in paperback and e-book now. Go to her site to buy a copy.

Well, that’s it. Happy New Year from me and Dobby. Thank you to Sharron, and all my lovely poetry followers. See you next year……

One thought on “New Year past and present….

  1. I enjoyed reading these two poems, great contrast.

    I tried to comment within the body of website, but experienced some difficulty hence commenting now in body of email.

    Anne x

    Liked by 1 person

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