Old Mother Hubbard

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today, we’re going to explore that very traditional and well-known nursery rhyme Old Mother Hubbard

Like most of us, I knew the iconic first verse, but I did not bargain for how long the rest of it actually was. The structuring was also quite difficult. Not to mention some very morbid verses about undertakers and death, which got the elbow, natch!

You will see I have modernised this piece, and the lead role is a cat not a dog. Anyway, read on….

Old Mrs M went to the fridge

to get her cat some fish

when she got there the fridge was bare

and the cat had an empty dish

She went to Aldi

to get her sardines

when she got back

the cat was wearing her jeans

She went to Barretts

to get her some shoes

when she got back

the cat was reading the news

She went to Wetherspoons

to get her some beer

when she got back

the cat sat in a chair

She went to the butchers

to get her some tripe

when she got back

the cat was smoking a pipe

She went to Tesco

to get her some fruit

when she got back

the cat was playing the flute

I think we’d better stop at this point, PL’s. Dobby’s looking mutinous as it’s time for her tea. Also, I don’t want her starting a bitter actors strike.

Thanks for tuning in for our nursery rhyme session, any traditional pieces you can ‘do up’ yourself, please send them in.

Thank you for tuning in, more poetry action real soon…..

3 thoughts on “Old Mother Hubbard

  1. Re Old Mother Hubbard: you have spoiled the rhythm by putting ‘the cat’ in place of the monosyllabic ‘he’. As ‘she’ is ambiguous in the context of both you and Dobby being female, I suggest you refer to Dobby as ‘it’: after all, the sex of the creature is not a relevant issue for this verse.

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    1. Thank you, Connaire. I was conscious of spoiling the dynamic but I didn’t want to confuse things, with two she’s. .Yes, ‘it’ would have been a better option. Thanks for visiting x


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