Don’t ask me why this image means so much to me. I think it’s the dusky glamour of it, and the Troubadour name in the background gives it the air of a seventies album cover. A nice James Last one maybe?

This was me reading Blackout Blues at the wonderful Troubadour Cafe back in February 2020. Such a wonderful night.

Please don’t ask me what I’m actually doing in this image. Expressing myself probably.

I was featured poet at Poetry at the Adelaide May 2019. A wonderful and unforgettable evening.

Here I am being interviewed that night by the wonderful Anne Warrington, the founding member of Poetry at the Adelaide, along with the late and much missed Bob Sheed.

Anne has done so much for poetry and for me.

Now, poets don’t look very good when they’re photographed reading. They look distorted and its very unflattering! So here are some sketches of my past performances. I look so much better!

2019 was a pretty good year really. And all these appearances made magical memories.

2020 started very well but er……


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