Life with The Amanda Ann Family Part Two

 Since Marjorie’s return from Italy, she has taken over the marital bed, and I sleep on the chaise lounge.  Which is pretty grim.

So it’s little wonder I turn to Mary for comfort.  
(Once she’s put the kids to bed)

But one night as I make my way down to the kitchen (where Mary sleeps):

“Oh Papa!  Where are you going?”

Lavinia was standing there.  
“Just to get a drink of water, Petal-Pie”, I tell her

“But Papa!  You make such a noise down there.  And why do Mary’s bedsprings creak so?”

Her painted blue eyes full of uncertainty and doubt.

“She has bad dreams, my pet.  I have to comfort her”
Despite it being the other way round, it was true in a sense.

Lav eventually went to bed, but with great misgivings.  
And I went too – to Mary’s bed, that is.

I’m sure I could almost love Mary – if only she put down that fucking cake!

Next installment, Lavinia finds out about love for herself, and Marjorie is a bitch

Part Three, same time, same channel

5 thoughts on “Life with The Amanda Ann Family Part Two

  1. The same unappetising hard plastic cake, I'm afraid, Marie. The one that looked just as revolting in 1966 when I bought Mary from my local shop. (you could get PROPER toys then!) I can see plastic Paul's frustration, I really can. Hello Polly! How lovely to see you again. And so sweet of you to visit. Will pop over to your \”house\” (if only)xxxx


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