Milestones a Cotswold Home

Hello Poetry Lovers before I set sail on holiday, I really wanted to post this touching poem from clever poet, Trisha Broomfield A strong and poignant recollection of a childhood home. I remember longing to live in the country, and after reading this, I realise I still do. I also had the pleasure of TrishaContinue reading “Milestones a Cotswold Home”

The Sealey Challenge

Hello PL’s I’d love to talk more about The Sealey Challenge that Dobby and I took on in August, where we read 31 pamphlets, one for each day of the month (I’m sure you worked that one out for yourself!) August is a dull and grim month for me normally, full of nothing. At leastContinue reading “The Sealey Challenge”

More Beauty Spots….

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome back to the Beauty Spot. Wonderful and clever poet Trisha Broomfield has risen to my challenge and presented us with a beautiful piece titled Make Up. This is so so poignant, and has such a strong subtext. Thank you so much, Trisha. Do read on Make Up Mum faced the worldContinue reading “More Beauty Spots….”

Beauty Spot

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome to our beauty spot section. Adoring any form of cosmetic, I’ve tried to sum up a life-long hankering for something intangible. And I don’t think I’m the only one by any means. The word beauty promises something so elusive, anyway do read on….. Made Up  Mum went out the house withContinue reading “Beauty Spot”

More Nursery Rhymes with Dobby….

Hello Poetry Lovers Jetting off for a couple of days so I’ve left this site in Dobby’s capable paws. She has come up with more nursery rhyme variations. Do read on, and I’ll see you soon Diddle Diddle Dumpling my black cat went to bed on my best mat. One claw off and one clawContinue reading “More Nursery Rhymes with Dobby….”

Seguidilla part two

Hello Poetry Lovers I am very pleased to return to our Seguidilla section, part two. Lovely and talented poet Trisha Broomfield took up my challenge of a seguidilla and it’s a strong and wistful piece. Certainly one that will strike a chord. So thank you, Trisha, beautiful piece. Do read on ; Seguidilla In thatContinue reading “Seguidilla part two”

Dobby’s Test Card

Hello Poetry Lovers Lovely to see you again. Today we are showing a test card (like BBC2 used to have) with Dobby’s poetry. This is an interim while another exciting poetry concept is being rehearsed. So feast your eyes, and enjoy; I hope you enjoyed that little collage of Dobby’s rise in the poetry world.Continue reading “Dobby’s Test Card”


Hello Poetry Lovers Today we feature the Seguidilla, a Spanish poetic form with 7 lines. It goes in syllables of 7-5-7-5-5-7-5. I found this one hard work but had to share it with you, read on; Seguidilla I stir my homemade curry  Fenugreek and seeds  Its pungency cloaks the air And fills all my needs Continue reading “Seguidilla”