Domestic Corner…

Hello Poetry Lovers Now I love writing about housework, I have no idea why. I’m not an avid follower of this practice. (Sneezes from the dust). I mean, my dollshouse is immaculate, not a hair out of place but a 1:1 home …. Well…. The lovely talented poet Trisha Broomfield has given us a sharpContinue reading “Domestic Corner…”

More Cat Action…..

Hello Poetry Lovers Yes, we’re back to my favourite subject – Cats. Clever and talented poet Trisha Broomfield has written a beautiful nonet and tanka on our feline pals, and put over their personality with skill. Thank you so much, Trisha. Please keep them coming. Read on to enjoy these clever pieces ; Cat NonetContinue reading “More Cat Action…..”


Hello Poetry Lovers How could I not write about seasons during this turbulent weather?! Glimpses of sun and warmth filtering through vicious wind and chill. So I selected the verse that used to be on the back of exercise books. There are two versions but I chose this one because it was longer. Now, weContinue reading “Seasons…..”

Poetry Dinner Party

Hello Poetry Lovers, Now I usually have a bit of a block with dinner parties – meaning I avoid them like the plague! However, not this one, I’d be breaking down the door to attend, and I wouldn’t be fashionably late either! I’d be the first in the queue. Clever poet Trisha Broomfield has createdContinue reading “Poetry Dinner Party”

Poetry Soup

Hello Poetry Lovers Well, I keep hearing the words Poetry Soup lately and I couldn’t resist sharing my family poetry recipes. All out of my dog eared poetry cookbook, natch. I hope this piece inspires some great poetry meals….. Poetry Soup Put in some vowels  Cook on a low heat  until they grow  Then throwContinue reading “Poetry Soup”

No No Nonet!

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome to the Nonet section. Inspired by the fabulous Sharron Green and Trisha Broomfield at the Poetry Party workshop at Solar Sisters Cafe this Wednesday, I got my head down and tackled this fascinating form. You won’t be surprised to see that the piece is nostalgic. Didn’t we all dread the endContinue reading “No No Nonet!”

A Golden Shovel

Hello Poetry Lovers Now you know how I love to try new poetry forms. When I came across The Golden Shovel, I was mightily confused by the term, but I came across this version/form. Getting a quote from another’s poem with at least 10 words, and moving the relevant word in every following line soundedContinue reading “A Golden Shovel”