Poetry Basket Review

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome back to the Poetry Basket Review. Today we have an absolute stunner by the very talented Pratibha Castle titled A Triptych of Birds & A Few Loose Feathers. Her award-winning debut pamphlet gets a well-deserved hot review. Pratibha has been highly commended in various poetry competitions, and longlisted for The BridgeportContinue reading “Poetry Basket Review”

Poetry Basket Review

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome back to another Poetry Basket review, and today we have an absolute belter, Douglas Graham Wilson’s new collection Of Love and Other Maladies. A wonderful poet and friend, Douglas takes us on a real journey of emotion and human situations, and I’m proud to present a hot and well deserved reviewContinue reading “Poetry Basket Review”

Return of the Poetry Basket

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome back to our much missed Poetry Basket section. I am so excited as today we feature that wonderful and talented poet Barney Ashton-Bullock A trememdous favourite, and one of the first live poets I ever swooned over, Barney’s latest collection Bucolicism – Poems and Fragmenta is published by Strike Force EntertainmentContinue reading “Return of the Poetry Basket”

The Return of the Poetry Basket….

Isn’t it great to see The Poetry Basket return?! And don’t you love looking in it? Well, today it contains Outside In, a wonderful new pamphlet from talented poet Polly Bull. And we know what comes next, don’t we? A review of this intriguing collection… read on… Outside In by Polly Bull Well, I’ve comeContinue reading “The Return of the Poetry Basket….”

Return of the Poetry Basket

Hello Poetry Lovers Today we welcome back our poetry basket with another ripping review inside. Today it is Viral Odes, a collection of pandemic poetry by the prolific Sharron Green. A great and relevant collection – so keep reading…. Viral Odes by Sharron Green This new and anticipated collection from prolific poet Sharron Green greetsContinue reading “Return of the Poetry Basket”

Poetry Basket Review

Hello, Poetry Lovers Welcome back to the Poetry Basket Review. Now, you may have seen that I’ve featured the terrific poet, Trisha Broomfield a few times. So I think it’s a natural progression to actually review her latest collection When Peter Sellers Came to Tea. This is Trisha’s third book, and her previous collections areContinue reading “Poetry Basket Review”

Poetry Basket Review!!

Dobby! Whatever are you doing in the Poetry Basket?! Bring it over here straight away! Grr! Asleep on duty!! That’s better! We’re looking at the Poetry Basket today because there’s a rather special poetry review in it! By, if I say so myself, a rather special poet. Yes! I’m in the Basket myself! Sharron GreenContinue reading “Poetry Basket Review!!”

Something in the Basket today…..

Dobby is looking everywhere for the Poetry Basket. However, it will be a fruitless search, as I have the basket right here. And what’s more, it has something new and wonderful inside it. Turn over to the Poetry Basket Review page, where we review Sharron Green’s lovely collection ‘Introducing Rhymes_n_Roses’ A stunning and personal pamphlet.Continue reading “Something in the Basket today…..”

The Zoom Affair

Well, the Zoom poetry evening was a great success. Apprehensions of not reading poetry for three months melted away, as I saw familiar faces on the Write Out Loud screen. We were all in the same boat. Unnerved by not hearing myself speak, and that dreaded Mute button, I ploughed on anyway. Memories of liveContinue reading “The Zoom Affair”