To Carla

Hello Poetry Lovers We were all shocked and saddened at the sudden passing of Carla Scarano. Not only a talented poet but a beautiful human being. A big part of my amazing poetry journey, Carla was supportive every step of the way. A prolific writer with her reviews and stunning poetry, Carla also kept upContinue reading “To Carla”

Poetry Basket Review

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome back to the Poetry Basket, I have missed it, I have to say. Inside this hallowed basket is a wonderful new collection by talented and prolific poet Carla Scarano D’Antonio titled Workwear. I’ve given it a well-deserved hot review, do take a look…. Workwear By Carla Scarano D’Antonio Published by TheContinue reading “Poetry Basket Review”


Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome back to our talk show, (thunderous applause, security stirs uneasily) and today we have the lovely Carla Scarano (Thunderous applause as Carla glides down the lighted stairs) Welcome to the show, Carla. So lovely to have you on here. I really dig that leather catsuit – very Julie Newmar. Now tellContinue reading “Interview”

Poetry Basket Review

Welcome back to the Poetry Basket Review – and who is in the Poetry Basket today? Answer – the wonderful Carla Scarano D’Antonio and her debut collection Negotiating Caponata! A wonderful and innovative collection and a joy to review. I’ve known Carla for a while now, and her prolific writing and performances are always impressive.Continue reading “Poetry Basket Review”