To Carla

Hello Poetry Lovers

We were all shocked and saddened at the sudden passing of Carla Scarano. Not only a talented poet but a beautiful human being.

A big part of my amazing poetry journey, Carla was supportive every step of the way. A prolific writer with her reviews and stunning poetry, Carla also kept up a busy and absorbing website. I couldn’t stop being impressed by Carla and her beautiful work.

We, at Poetry Performance, had the honour of Carla reading for us on Sunday 5th March (2023). So my memory of her is very recent indeed.

Carla was so vibrant, looking lovely and reading beautifully, translating English into Italian. The whole room was impressed.

In the interval, me and my friend Mary sat down with Carla and had a lovely deep talk about Italy and her background. I’m so happy we did that. Such a lovely memory of a lovely person.

Talking of memories, at the Lightbox in Woking some years ago, Carla on her recent return from visiting Canada, put out lovely and intricate cards on the tables. Each one had a Margaret Atwood poem. Along with some chocolates. That’s the kind of generous person Carla was. Chocolate long gone, but I still have one of those beautiful cards.

Also, on my last very recent visit to the Lightbox, Carla gave out chocolate heart sweets to us. Such a lovely gesture.

Carla will be so sadly missed. As my ‘regulars’ know, I had the honour of interviewing Carla in June last year. (Link below). I also reviewed her two talented collections

Adoring these personal collections both, I will post one from Carla’s current book Workwear. It was hard to choose but I’ve selected Good Friday. There are many personal classy poems in this collection but this piece truly reflected Carla’s Italian roots and her new life in England.

Good Friday

I was surprised to see you at church

on Good Friday,

the day of betrayal and killing,

when we kiss the naked body on the cross

and cry for all our losses.

You were there with your deaf mother,

I was there with mine and her elderly friends.

We quickly caught up fifteen years,

my move to England, the new job,

my son’s wedding, graduations,

my father’s death and my mum living happily.

You were just the same, unmarried,

helping old relatives

organizing their lives and yours,

travelling alone mostly,

your sister pulling out.

Everything looked under control,

neat words ordering a life.

Carla Scarano D’Antonio 2022

We will never forget you, Carla.

Here is the link to Carla’s interview if you would like to have a look.

Thank you for dropping by and sharing this sad occasion, PL’s. Stay tuned….

4 thoughts on “To Carla

  1. This is a beautiful and uplifting tribute. I never met Carla, as I haven’t met you, but Lorri Pimlott told me of her passing. It is hard to believe, she was so full of amazing creativity. I really admired her.

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  2. Thank you Heather for writing this very moving tribute to Carla. She will be missed by so many people, a truly gifted and wonderful person, artist and poet.

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