Dobby Testcard

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome back to another Dobby Testcard. This is the first time I have attempted a slideshow so just humour me…. As you can see, it’s about Dobby’s tempestuous relationship with poetry….. Do you know I could keep adding to that slideshow forever…. Thank you for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back withContinue reading “Dobby Testcard”

My Night Out with Brian Bilston

Hello Poetry Lovers Yes you heard right I had a night out with the wonderful Brian Bilston! Well, me and about a 100 others but never mind…. The marvellous and clever poet Sharron Green got tickets and invited me! I was thrilled. The Candid Arts Trust was down a dark and unassuming road in Islington.Continue reading “My Night Out with Brian Bilston”

Didactic Corner

Hello Poetry Lovers Today we have a didactic poem. I love giving out instructions, even better if it can be in a poetry form. A very loose one admittedly. Now forgive me if I have directed it more to women PL’s than men. There are still things we can all identify with, especially the firstContinue reading “Didactic Corner”

One Night in Kentish Town

Hello Poetry Lovers Loathe as I am to hark back to last year, I must share with you my night out at the captivating Torriano House. As the song by Murray Head goes – One Night in Kentish Town makes the hard man humble … something like that anyway. It was a real birthday treatContinue reading “One Night in Kentish Town”

Satin Secret

Hello Poetry Lovers For this post, I could not resist Sharron Green’s exquisite piece on something I’m confident we’re all guilty of. Also illustrating lacy underwear is so so alluring and reeks of glamour. Sharron’s poem is so clever and true, haven’t we all got a treasured yet very unused item like this?! Do readContinue reading “Satin Secret”


Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome back to our studio where today our esteemed guest is the wonderful poet Alan Gregory (Rapturous Applause) Thank you so much for coming on the show, Alan. I have to say, I adore your white suit. I expect you’re going up the disco with John Travolta later I certainly am, Heather.Continue reading “Interview”

New Year at the Slagg’s Cafe

Happy New Year, Poetry Lovers I have decided to celebrate this bittersweet occasion at the Slagg’s Cafe. New Years Eve seems so limp the week after Christmas. The Christmas tree flagging and forgotten, like the solitary remains of Christmas pud. So who better to bring cheer than the Slaggs?! Mrs Slagg has especially penned aContinue reading “New Year at the Slagg’s Cafe”