As you can see, Dobby’s poetry review basket is currently empty. So, I’ll share another poem from my Bunty I Miss You pamphlet. This one is a bit of a downturn, as it features my personal view of the Sixties, in which it was not remotely swinging!

Sixties Seasons

You were swinging for some, but

a bastard for others!

Blistering heat, brutal sports days.

Bulging in unlovely shorts,

puffing in last, with a permanently

red neck, and heat stroke to follow.

“Sunshine should never be missed”,  

Teacher chucks his class outside,

without a scrap of shade, their skins

burnt off.

Him, having his fag in the classroom.    

Humiliations of being sent to bed

in broad daylight! 

Along with brutally hot nights, and twisted,

oily blankets.

But Winter was a stinker:

Permanent goose pimples on bruised skinny


Back doors left wide open on a bastard

winter’s night, to get more coal from the yard.

Despite the hissy, spiteful, warming fire,

 backs remained cold and rigid. 

Dim foggy mornings, trudging along miserably,

contemplating the grey, violent playground. 

Only to walk back home in the pitch dark,

avoiding the bullies.

Oh yes, you gave us proper and tyrannical seasons:

But all year round were violent parents,

and slappy teachers.

 Bastard free school milk. Grim and curdling,

uninviting, only good for blowing bubbles. 

Scratchy, black and white television sets,

shouting at us about how good we had it.

I stuck up two fingers when no-one else was looking.    

Bugger you, Sixties, you were bloody awful! 

They don’t make ’em like that anymore! Tune in this week for more poetry news and reviews.

2 thoughts on “Sixties…..

  1. I love this Heather. Grubby and inspiring , a knack a knack for bringing it back.teachers with BO and tweed jackets is what I recall. Chalk thrown at recalcitrant boys. Jumpers for goalposts ooh isn’t it? You know, an enduring image. Watching the Fast show again ! Xxxx


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