Memory Corner!!

Here I am, about to return to Memory Corner. This time we go back to 1st December 2019 for Poetry at the Adelaide. A great evening of events.

That night, not only did we have the wonderful French Lessons playing, (see Anne Warrington on your right, the amazing founder of Poetry Performance) but we also had two incredible Lucy’s as guests:

The very talented Lucy Lyrical bowled us over with clever and witty songs.

I swooned over Ms Lyrical when I saw her at Soho Poets in 2018! Once I told Anne about Lucy, we nabbed her as soon as we could! Lucy is also a prolific writer, and her novel Three Women is a fantastic read!

One of the joys about this wonderful world of poetry is that you constantly get to know new and gifted people, and Lucy Gaster was one of them!

Lucy accompanied Lucy (Lyrical) on the cello and the rapport of the two artistes was quite tangible. Making it a vibrant and memorable night.

This was alongside a night of beautiful poetry, natch!

That evening seems so long ago, due to this bizarre switching off of life. Let’s hope the lights will go back on again soon, and we see the return of the Lucy’s!

Happy memories.

Whoops! How did this gatecrasher get in here?! Honestly, some poets are just ruthless!

Stay tuned for more poetry shenanigans!

One thought on “Memory Corner!!

  1. Inspirational Heather, what a lovely thing to do. It keeps Performance Poetry alive in people’s mind. I’m going to investigate the cost of hiring the large room at ETNA. We shall have to limit numbers but it maybe worth it. Love Anne

    ps love your wonderful outfit

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