Film II……

Hello again, PL’s.

Welome to part II of our cinema homage… Today, we feature the detailed memories from the lovely poet Trisha Broomfield, of a medium that we all grew up with. So many of us have experienced these things and feelings….

Cinematic Experience

The large sound of the wide screen,

Pearl and Dean,

ice cream,

Kia-Ora, small-stick straws,

ashtrays like eye sockets

on the backs of red-plush seats,

Revels or Treats,

and a man with a raincoat over his knees

putting his hand

on hers.

Trisha Broomfield

Wasn’t that amazing?! I love the description of the ashtrays and those tiny impractical straws for Kia-Ora! Thank you so much, Trisha!

I’ll be back Monday with an interview with the fabulous and amazing Lucy Lyrical!

So hold on tight! Same time, same channel…….

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