Mug of Tea

Hello Poetry Lovers.

Today we feature a lovely piece from the clever (and glamorous) poet Trisha Broomfield.

Not only do I love its detail, it’s also a familiar situation for many of us.

Another winner, Trisha! Well done!

Just the Same

When you left this morning I was hugging a mug of tea,

after sorting out the dishes,

I showered, dried by hair and put on make-up,

I dressed in swishy blue trousers, a coral sweater

And for warmth and a touch of frivolity,

a short chartreuse scarf.

I made the bed,

hung out the washing in the crisp breeze, marveling at the blue sky,

I fed the worms in their three tier wormery

and settled down to write two chapters of intrigue and dastardly deeds.

I printed out some colourful artwork and made greeting cards.

I sat in the sun, then inspired,

took photos of the flame hued tulips,

which I sent to my sister, whose garden blossoms only with snow.

I shopped for food,

watched the news while cooking lunch.

I tackled the ironing,

put away clean towels,

wrote a poem, not this one, and edited a short story.

After preparing dinner, I dressed in my grey sweat pants and faded sweatshirt

for my daily yoga.

I saluted the sun, became a mountain, a cat, then a downward facing dog.

By the time you returned I was

hugging a mug of tea,

your eyes sought mine

‘What have you been doing all day? they seemed to say

you are exactly where you were when I left this morning.’

Fantastic! Love it! Another belter from the talented and prolific Trisha. Thank you so much. That’s really made my day.

Tune in same time, same channel for more poetic treats…….

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