Skeltonic Verse…

Hello Poetry Lovers,

how do you feel about a skeltonic verse? They really are quite fun – do one as a lockdown exercise, You’ll never look back.

And what better way to get in nostalgia and sketches. I got out my crayons this time. I wrote this skeltonic verse in August about a girl I used to play with up the road – number 23, if fact.

I hope you like it…..


Linda at number 23

Flung a stone at me

I hid behind a tree

But she caught me out

And gave me a clout

So I kicked her about

She ran in crying

And I was denying

To her Mum, defying

But now I was trying

To be a good friend

She was the living end

Friendship on the mend

Then she called me a cow

My hand moved somehow

Across her face now

An accident, I swore

But both mums abhor

The behavioural flaw

But she was a bitch

And this was a bit rich

My Mum called me

In for my tea

And I watched the telly

Then sent to bed

It’s too early, I said

Linda said she’ll get

Me tomorrow, yet

with who’s army?

That girl is bloody barmy!

Linda’s a mare and a half

But she is a good laugh

I hope you enjoyed that, PL’s. I’ll be honest with you, that’s my favourite poem this year. It simply wrote itself. Do send in any of your own in this skeltonic form.

Thank you for looking in, PL’s. Tune in soon for more poetry action…..

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