Post Birthday ….

Hello PL’s

Well, in response to my subtle hint in Trisha Broomfield’s birthday post, this clever poet has presented us with a real nostalgic delight.

We’d better read this out quietly because Trisha, Mrs Slagg and Plastic Paul have a ‘bit of a head’ after the birthday celebrations last night. It all got a bit out of hand and the Police were called…. in fact, after giving a caution, they stayed and enjoyed the party and ate the remaining cake. That was quite a brave move to be honest….

This is a super and poignant piece, so read on

Do you remember?

Do you remember nutty slack

milk floats, electric, they’ll be back

do you remember the pints on your doorstep

when the cold burst the cream in stacks

through foil tops

and blue birds pecked for breakfast,

when Amazon was only a rainforest

where nobody but David Attenborough had been?

Do you remember Hans and Lotte Hass

The Wooden Tops and Picture Book

Listen with Mother,

Paul Temple, Walter Gabriel and getting up

to switch channels?

Do you remember school milk,

warmed by the radiators in winter

by the sun in summer,

Jamboree Bags, Black Jacks and Sherbet dips or dabs?

Do you remember the World Cup,

Manuel Santana and Billie Jean King

The Four Tops, The Troggs, before Wet Wet Wet,

Mama Cass, The Zombies and writing a letter

with a pen and Quink ink?

I think you do, which makes you

older than me!

Trisha Broomfield 2021.

Wasn’t that a fabulous piece? And I defy anyone to put their hand up who doesn’t remember most of those things in our lives.

Funny, with the Amazon rainforest, I remember learning about that from a (proper) book when I was eight, and reading about a young boy who lived among the dangers of that environment. Who knew how that name would become such a big part of our lives.

Although it was the milk on the doorstep that made me the most nostalgic.

Well, Dobby’s ears have pricked up at the mention of milk, so I’d better attend to her (every) need.

Thank you so much, Trisha. Loved this piece. Tune in real soon, Poetry Lovers…..

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