Interview …..

(Loud spontaneous applause as the host wafts on stage)

Now settle down,

(Security on standby)

as today we have the amazing artist and musician Lucinda Sieger

(Pandemonium as our esteemed guest elegantly descends the lighted stairs). ( Host bangs a ruler on the desk – there is a silence)

Lucinda, welcome to the show…..

Thank you very much for having me on your show, Heather. It is a great pleasure to be here with you, especially in these Globally challenging and historical times.

Oh I know! What an era! It’s a unique one, if nothing else.

Now, Lucinda, you come from an impressively musical and artistic background. Please fill us in…

Well Heather, it has been an amazing journey for me, through starting with singing in pubs in Glasgow, to performing solo when I came to London to study art.

I know, it’s been an incredible story so far for you.

(Awed applause from the audience)

Where to start?! How about telling us about the wonderful Lucie’s Lounge and the incredible talent you have featured there…

Lucie’s Lounge started through a conversation where I was introducing some friends to the Bloomsbury Tavern as a place for an after concert drink and as usual, I love connecting people, so they challenged me to do my own evening upstairs for three months only on the last Saturday so I could sing and entertain and connect people. All the things that I love.

That was 2014, and I realised that I always had soirées when I lived in a squat in Kings Cross, with artist friends such as Jill from Strawberry Switchblade, Peter Doig…. That probably was the seed for Lucie’s Lounge

And look how it’s grown! What an acorn. It’s funny how random things like conversations start something so wonderful. I do think its admirable how you champion other’s work. I saw your friend had written that on FB recently, and I agreed wholeheartedly.

Now I’m chomping at the bit to talk about the amazing Harriet, and to share this delectable creature with the world.

Harriet was conceived through writing a letter to the painter and composer Ahetas of Greek group XAOS, who is my partner and who is part of the “3 Places in Time” exhibition, but unfortunately due to Covid….

Harriet is my way of expressing myself and how I feel and my observations on daily life….

Harriet was a swoon at first sight for me. A charismatic and glamorous creature who takes on all life has to offer her.

Beautifully coloured and drawn, she’s taken on a new dimension. Yes, I can see how she is an extension of you….

Now, Lucinda, this is where I’m really excited. Please tell us about your wonderful exhibition 3 Places in Time at St Pancras Hospital? I have swooned over this….

This exhibition came about from my story. A few years back I had a pop up exhibition in my flat to show the art of Ahetas and a lovely Greek painter called Athena Barka.

Ahetas suggested I put up my drawings, so onto the kitchen cupboards they went. I invited Peter Herbert of TAP to come as I had performed at some of his exhibition opening. He came along and loved both the art of Ahetas and my drawings.

That was 2018 and years later, Peter had a dream and phoned me to say he had an idea. This was to have myself, Ahetas and an English portrait painter, Jane Allison, to show together.

The name 3 Places in Time was to describe three artists who all came out of the ‘80’s into this present time on different journeys.

(Awed and spontaneous applause)

Fabulous. It’s a wonderful and beautifully designed concept, Lucinda. I urge you all to go and see it.

Luckily, the exhibition has been extended to last through May. I have been twice now, and I cannot see it enough.

As you can see, I took Dobby with me, there’s a bit of sibling rivalry between her and Harriet.

Fantastic. So, Lucinda, do you want to tell us about any future projects?

Future projects, well I am excited to say, that through me trying to present the art of Ahetas, I got invited to appear on Hellenic TV and London Greek Radio to introduce Harriet, her debut, and talk about my art, my little video ‘Life is Art’, being on Top of the Pops, my career and of course, the exhibition.

Next up, I am working on a special Lucie’s Lounge that will be pre-recorded and have really lovely guests. Swedish, Japanese, English, Scottish…. and graphic comic artist Wallis Eates. I am working on a Harriet book, ideas and new songs.

(Huge applause)

Well, Lucinda, we’re breathless with admiration and anticipation. And in awe of your talent. Take a look at this wonderful video of an interview I did with Lucinda.

Well, Lucinda, you and Harriet must be off somewhere exciting tonight….

Oh yes, we’re off to an exclusive club. Dobby’s coming along, she kind of invited herself….

Oh no! Dobby always avoids mine! Well, have a lovely time you three, and thank you so much for coming on the show..

(Wild and rapturous applause as the three figures ascend the stairs. Security are nervous)

Wasn’t Lucinda just amazing, Poetry Lovers?! Please catch her at the 3 Places in Time exhibition, curated by the Arts Project,


The Conference Centre

St Pancras Hospital

St Pancras Way

London NW1 0PE

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