Diminishing Verse Challenge

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today we return to our diminishing verse challenge. Genius poet, Sharron Green has come up with an absolute winner

Mrs Slagg fully approves, and there’s free pie for Sharron on her next visit to the Slagg’s Cafe. Wonderful piece, Sharron, thank you so much.

Do read on, PL’s;

I’m happy to pledge

Slagg’s Cafe’s a ledge

It sure has the edge

The menu is strapping

Pies with ev’ry trapping

Hear rhymers a rapping.

They’ve had to ban stripping

since old folks went tripping

after corset ripping.

So please take your place

The cloth isn’t lace

But Slagg’s Cafe is Ace.

Wasn’t that just wonderful! Lovely way to start the week. Thank you Sharron, please keep them coming.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s, we’ll be back real soon.

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