Belated National Tea Day

Hello Poetry Lovers

A belated National Tea Day to you. Last Thursday I believe, and how could I not acknowledge such a cherished institution?! Especially with this wonderful piece from talented Trisha Broomfield and her beautiful poem that sums up how we feel about this lifesaving drink.

Thank you, Trisha. Please keep them coming. Read on, readers, this will ring true with all of us, I’m sure……

Who drinks my tea? (It’s National Tea Day!)

I prop myself up on one elbow
take my first sip of tea

thank my God for a new day
the bed is heavy

dreams fall away in jig saw pieces
people I’ve never seen
places I’ve not been,
I take another sip
the mug comforting my hand.

Aches of age harden
morning shapes itself lighter
than the night

and there’s no going back,
another sip
a daydream
and suddenly it seems
my mug is empty

I am today
and someone
has drunk
all my tea.

Wasn’t that just terrific?! Thanks again, Trisha, and thank you, PL’s for tuning in. We’ll be back real soon with more poetry adventures…..

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