Cyrch a Chwta

Hello Poetry Lovers

Yes, that is an eye-catching title, isn’t it.

Last week, I took a fascinating poetry building blocks course with the wonderful Poetixu on Instagram and learnt some interesting new forms of writing poems.

The one that really stuck with me was the Cyrch a Chwta, an old Welsh form.

An Octave (8 lines), 7 syllables per line, all rhyming except the penultimate (line 7) and then the last rhyme has to rhyme with it at some point. Read on, hopefully for the uninitiated, this will be clearer than my muddled explanation.

Your performance was so dire
So Like a funeral pyre
It did not set me on fire
And don’t call me a liar
I knew you were crap prior
And I heard all this via
I think that’s on the flyer

And then we were set a bonus task with using rhymes that aren’t necessarily the same sound

Why do you look so gaudy?
You flaunt it so completely
People will think you’re bawdy
And look at you so strangely
I just think you are greedy
You make all the girls angry
Don’t go out looking like that
Please don’t act like a floozy

H Moulson 2022

What fun! See if you can attempt that yourselves, and send them in on a postcard. Dobby will sort them, so be diligent. Thanks for tuning in, Poetry Lovers. We’ll be back real soon…..

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