A Night Out….

Hello Poetry Lovers

I’d love to share a night out with you on Friday 13th May. My lovely friend Raefer and I went to the Vauxhall Tavern to see the marvellous poet Barbara Brownskirt

Swooning over Ms Brownskirt at the Slip Off Festival in 2019, I asked the festival organiser and dear pal, Barney Ashton-Bullock where she’d been all my life! I have been an avid follower of her since.

Barbara (AKA Karen Mcleod) is poet in residence at the 197 bus stop in Croydon Road, Penge. I am amazed pilgrimages are not made to this hallowed place.

Before making the rounds with Judi Dench communion wafers, Barbara treated us to poems from her latest pamphlet The Bus Stop Will Not Be Sanitised (volume 25). These included Menopause, Do the Shake and Vax, and Table for One.

Keeping Ms Brownskirt company were Audrey Heartburn, and Wife Material with the very married Sophia and Heleana Blackwell. The former already being a skilled and accomplished poet and founder of the literary salon at Blacks Club in Soho. Heleana matching her wife in talent.

Plus, I want that dress, Sophia! Give it to me now!

Do not miss this treat at the the Camden Fringe Festival 22nd August 2022

Neither should you miss Audrey Heartburn (AKA Tracey Collins) – a real laugh out loud and genuinely funny pastiche of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s icon. She will be in cabaret at the Above the Stag theatre on Friday 27th May with Shell Suit Cher and other goodies. Don’t miss her. Wonderful and talented artiste and singer.

I’m proud to support the Penge Poetry Revolution. This is now my favourite place and bus stop, and I look forward to visiting it soon.

Thank you so much, Ms Brownskirt for a wonderful night.

The wonderful Barbara Brownskirt returns to the Vauxhall Tavern on Friday 9th September. Get yourselves there now!

Do visit http://www.karenmcleod.co.uk for more information on Karen Mcleod or the revolutionary Barbara

Thanks for dropping by, Poetry Lovers. We’ll be back with more shenanigans real soon….

6 thoughts on “A Night Out….

  1. What a wonderful review Heather, sounds a really interesting poetry venue to visit and to keep an eye on for future events. Anne x

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