Hello Poetry Lovers

Well, the time has come to tell you all about Tenby. I was privileged to be invited by the wonderful Celine Hispiche, of the vibrant Celine’s Salon in Soho. A great and regular event that keeps Soho alive.

Arriving on the Saturday, I was met off the very Welsh speaking train by that glamorous couple, Celine and her lovely husband Garry. They took me to this beautiful house where we were staying, bang next to the sea.

I looked forward to writing by that beautiful window.

Also staying at the house was an enigmatic playwright, director and poet Billy Parker. What an amazing and talented housemate. Celine discovered Billy in the infamous French House in Soho.

Later on, the lovely Clancy Gebler Davies joined us. A very beautiful photographer, and a whirlwind of talent.

What a household!

Celine ran a workshop on Sunday afternoon in this incredible room with the most remarkable and talented people, then we came outside for a tea break. Excuse the slippers!

After another fantastic session on Monday morning, with Celine, Billy and I, I managed to get a strong piece together. I was so proud of that. I knew then I was ready to go out there! We all were!

That night the Tenby museum belonged to Celine and her talented artistes. This included the lovely Siobahn Lancaster with the wonderful Billy Parker. Watch out for these two vibrant poets and writers.

Siobhan read a fascinating piece on being ‘£10 Poms’, a campaign to get people to Australia in the sixties and seventies. I’m old enough to remember this era, and that some emigres at our school came back within the year. It was not the utopia it promised to be. Very interesting era and subject.

So, 7 o’clock came around and the lovely iconic Celine introduced us and embraced the audience with her powerful piece, and her moving song. This very clever innovator has given us Celine’s Salon (Soho), a show on Radio Soho, and performances in Derry and Glasgow. I feel this is only the start of what Celine will do, and I recommend looking out for her. With her lovely and clever husband Garry who is a genius behind the scenes, they make a powerful team.

So, what can I say about the following performance?! I was awed and honoured to witness such a wealth of talent, including the dulcet tones of Billy Parker, the stunning Susie Wild, the Welsh speaking and vibrant Ros Garret, the impressive Emily Vanderploeg, the powerful readings of Meredydd Barker, lovely reflective words from Bob Reeves, a great performance from Kevin O’Dowd. Not to mention Nerys Beattie, my new gifted friend who took me back to my childhood with her unique piece. The beautiful words and songs from Celine herself. Plus a fitting climax with beautiful music from Jimmy and Charley, their strong rapport shining through. Not sure who that pushy one in pink is! I know she got a fantastic reception.

So what could I say after that?! I left Tenby with inspiration and strong memories. Not to mention new material.

Thank you so much for everything, Celine and Garry. You too, Tenby, for being so welcoming…

Thanks for tuning in, Poetry Lovers. I loved going over that journey again. Tune in real soon for more Poetry antics….

4 thoughts on “Tenby

  1. Tenby is nice, isn’t it. My wife and I had a happy two weeks there a few years ago. I’m glad to have discovered your WordPress site, Heather, coming here from Twitter. My own WordPress blog began in 2009. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

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