Return to Tenby

Hello Poetry Lovers

Yes, you heard right, I said return to Tenby. That magical place I discovered in May this year. I was honoured to be invited back by the magical Celine for the launch of Celine’s Salon Anthology volume 2.

So there I went on the train back to Pembrokeshire. This time the train wasn’t crowded with holidaymakers and Welsh speakers and I certainly missed the latter.

We found a lovely apartment in the centre of town. Bakery and M&Co in walking distance! What a coup!

I got off the train, put my case in the flat and legged it to the Tenby Museum for the launch. My heart warmed to see that lovely place once again.

Once there, I had the pleasure of meeting the marvellous Rachel D’arcy, a very talented singer and musician, plus I reunited with the enigmatic Kevin O’Dowd and the lovely LaLa Banana in her silvery jacket

Not to mention Suzie Wildsmith and the stunning Siobhan Lancaster, before meeting Tommy Mack and the talented musician Garin Lang from Breathe. Watch out for him, and speaking of talent, it was lovely seeing Ros Garret again and her stunning trio making such beautiful sounds. This all added to the vibrancy of the poetry read, and Celine’s Salon volume 2 anthology selling really well.

I’m not sure who this poet was, but she pushed in and read complete filth. Amazed the place wasn’t raided! Seriously, it was an enriching experience, all made possible by the ever resourceful Celine.

Thank you so much, Celine. I look forward to returning to this magical place with you next year.

Meanwhile Celine has her salon and Derry to look forward to in 2023 before we embrace our Welsh friends again.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s, and reliving that triumphant experience with me. We’ll be back with more poetry action real soon…

6 thoughts on “Return to Tenby

  1. Pembrokeshire has the most the marvelous beaches, where stones shine like precious jewels. Were any poems read about this beautiful part of the country?

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  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time there and it’s been several years since I was last there also. Have you got the programme for Sunday’s Poetry Performance as yet.

    If we are short on performers ,I can read 3 of mine instead of 2!

    Best Regards,

    Andrew x

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