Gift Gaffe

Hello Poetry Lovers

Now you may think this is an unusual title but it really is a more commonplace term than you realise. Highlighting the most frustrating side of those Yuletide preparations, and clever poet Sharron Green has summed this up nicely in this beautiful piece.

Amusing and painfully relevant to us this coming advent, do read it. Super piece ;

Gift Gaffe

Sellotape and wrapping paper
One the glue the other draper
Send me on a merry caper
Every Christmas Eve

Sellotape is always hiding
Often stunted, never gliding
Won’t respond to threats or chiding
Highly prone to cleave

Wrapping paper does my head in
Sometimes gifts won’t be seen dead in
Shapes that gape they look unfed in
Shame you won’t believe

So it’s just as well this season
Poor performance isn’t treason
Saving paper is the reason
There’s wrapping reprieve.


Wasn’t that just a wonderful piece?! Thank you so much, Sharron. Please keep them coming. This is Sharron’s website if you wanted to see more of her wonderful work;


Thank you for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry delights real soon……

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