New Year at the Slagg’s Cafe

Happy New Year, Poetry Lovers

I have decided to celebrate this bittersweet occasion at the Slagg’s Cafe.

New Years Eve seems so limp the week after Christmas. The Christmas tree flagging and forgotten, like the solitary remains of Christmas pud. So who better to bring cheer than the Slaggs?!

Mrs Slagg has especially penned a New Year Triolet for us. Pay attention:

Another New Year

We have yet another New Years Eve

We’re busy ringing in a New Year 

Would wishing for a better one be naïve?

We have yet another New Years Eve

Mr Slagg spills drink over his sleeve!

He’s now demanding another beer. 

We have yet another New Years Eve

We’re busy ringing in a New Year 

Tarantella Slagg 2022

Top poem, Mrs Slagg. A big round of applause for that one.

Now everyone order more pizza and pie and light up, and we’ll hear Mr Slagg’s mother do her enlightened New Year piece.

A new year is akin to a young shrub 

Can I stop now and go down the pub?

Ring out the old, ring in the new

Is that enough?  I need the loo 

Mrs Slagg Senior 2022

So do I, Mrs Slagg snr. Lordy! It’s nearly 9.30 – time I was tucked up in bed. I’ll just pay the bill and….how much??!!

Happy New Year to you, PL’s. Thanks for tuning in. We’ll be back with more poetry action next year(!)

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