Test Card

Hello Poetry Lovers Computer absolutely shot. Lost my pictures, everything. So today, Instead of window 14, you’re getting a test card. Many of us here will remember the excitement of a test card on TV – especially the little girl with a blackboard on BBC2. So I’m going to take you back down memory laneContinue reading “Test Card”

Poetry Advent Calender – window 13

Hello Poetry Lovers, Welcome to window 13 – And what can I say about this great collection called Boring The Arse Off Young People by the wonderful Martin Figura. Published by Nasty Little Press in 2010, this is the first poetry book I ever bought. And off the great man himself! At the Roundhouse IContinue reading “Poetry Advent Calender – window 13”

Poetry Advent Calender – window 12

Hello Poetry Lovers! Window 12! Everything was wiped away from my laptop but we may just make it to the end……. And what can I say about this poet? And Family Values? When I saw Wendy Cope at The Richmond Literature Festival in 2016, poetry was a new door for me then and I’d onlyContinue reading “Poetry Advent Calender – window 12”

Memory Corner – Chip’s Speakeasy

Hello, Poetry Lovers, I was engulfed by a quick memory, which I’ll share with you before going on with the poetry advent calender….. Now I’ve got to stop getting so emotional about these memory corners. I simply took them on board early in lockdown – but now they bring a lump to my throat. TheseContinue reading “Memory Corner – Chip’s Speakeasy”

Advent Calender – window 5…

Hello Poetry Lovers, Window 5 eh? It’s moving along! And I’m so glad to feature Tales of the Unaccepted by the wonderful Ray Pool. What can I say?! Witty, quirky with a unique voice, I have been enjoying young Ray’s poems for a couple of years. I was thrilled to get my mitts on thisContinue reading “Advent Calender – window 5…”

Advent Calender – Window 4

Hello Poetry Lovers, welcome back to day 4 of the poetry advent calender. Now, the previous two windows I knew very well, but we are back to a collection I don’t know at all. In fact, I’m going to be deeply honest with you, I have no idea how this book even came into myContinue reading “Advent Calender – Window 4”

Advent Calender – Window 2

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome to Window 2 – now here’s where the fun really begins. Yesterday, I opened up a poet I completely didn’t know and today… A poet I know very well, and adore his work. I’ve had the privilege of seeing the lovely Matthew Paul perform at Woking and The Troubadour, and IContinue reading “Advent Calender – Window 2”

The Poetry Advent Calender…

Hello PL’s, Let me introduce the Poetry Advent Calender for December 2020. Every day, a new window will be opened and for every book that comes out, there will be a mini-review and the story behind it. Now forgive me, PL’s, I have had to omit the ones I have already reviewed – which breaksContinue reading “The Poetry Advent Calender…”

Birthday Chant…

Hello Poetry Lovers. Yes, it’s nearly that time of year when birthday celebrations raise their head. Mine’s three weeks before Christmas – Bore! – as Dobby would say! What can you do with a birthday like that?! So to air even more grudges, I penned a birthday chant. Chant poems are great fun, and worthContinue reading “Birthday Chant…”


Starring Sharron Green…… Hello Poetry Lovers! And welcome back to the Talk Show. (rapturous applause) Yes, it’s been a while I know, but absolutely worth waiting for! I am so proud to introduce our lovely and esteemed guest for today – Sharron Green (standing ovation – security on standby) (the lovely Sharron Green wafts gracefullyContinue reading “Interview….!”