Memory Corner

Hello, Poetry Lovers, I have taken you once more to Memory Corner, and this time the DeLorean car is set for 11th November 2018. Who could forget such an occasion? An amazing commemoration indeed. A great concept co-createdby the remarkable Anne Warrington, (on my right), this performance contained memories, poetry and songs from that poignantContinue reading “Memory Corner”

Poetry Reading at Bell House

Yes, Poetry Lovers! You read it correctly, I actually did a Live reading of my work! How we took that for granted, and just when I was resigning myself to the loneliness of Zoom, something came right up. Lumme! I was so nervous but the audience and fellow poets were lovely and supportive. I lookContinue reading “Poetry Reading at Bell House”


Rapturous applause Hello Poetry Lovers! And welcome to the show! Today we have the wonderful and enigmatic poet, Ray Pool! Pandemonium Now, settle down PL’s, we don’t want to overwhelm our lovely guest because here he is!!!! huge huge applause Security nervously on standby as Ray gracefully descends the lighted stairs Hello, and welcome toContinue reading “INTERVIEW!”

Shoes of Glass

Hello, PL’s. Yes, it’s time for another magic poem by the lovely and talented Trisha Broomfield. Shoes of Glass blew me away, and I really want to share Trisha’s poem with you. Thank you for that, Trisha. I hope I’ve done it justice. Shoes of Glass The dress was gold split to the thigh plungingContinue reading “Shoes of Glass”

Memory Corner!

Yes, Poetry Lover’s, we’ve returned to our precious corner. This time I want to go back to 5th March 2019 to a magical evening in Cranleigh, Surrey. This was an amazing night of poetry organised by the lovely Donall and Janice AKA Dempsey & Windle. Set in the stunning Cranleigh Arts Centre, and filled withContinue reading “Memory Corner!”


The wonderful and engimatic poet, Rodney Wood is joining us today. Applause – Crowd go mad – security is called (again) Rodney elegantly descends the lighted stairs Now, settle down, Poetry Lovers! Let’s let our guest take his seat Cool hat, Rodney! I think this is the hat – is it not? It certainly hasContinue reading “Interview!!”

Memory Corner…..

Yes, PL’s, we’ve returned to Memory Corner! I want to take you back to September 2019, at the Devonshire Nature Reserve in Forest Hill. A very special event took place – the Slipoff Festival. Superbly organised by my dear friend and hero, Barney Ashton-Bullock – I mean, what a guy! Not only is Barney aContinue reading “Memory Corner…..”

Hawkwind in a Frock….

Well, the clever poet, Trisha Broomfield has done it again. Another great poem, this time about an unforgettable era. Now, Hawkwind. Didn’t people shake their heads to their music? Instead of dancing, they’d threw their head of hair around like Billy-O?! I mean, didn’t it hurt? Any thoughts on this, please write in. Anyway, beContinue reading “Hawkwind in a Frock….”