Life With The Amanda Ann Family Series Two

Our First Christmas in our new reduced circumstances was pretty grim

Despite Mary’s tempting
Christmas cake!

My wife Marjorie and I are struggling to make the best of a fragile marriage, but something (or someone) always seems to come between us…..

Can’t think why…..

 Meanwhile, Lavinia seems to have got on her feet a bit more (well, once the tag’s removed).
She went to a place in Ashford for a while with lots of other larky young girls!  Think she learnt a lot.  
The Board decided she could come back home, provided she didn’t go near sharp objects: 


Luckily, she got her old place at Waldegrave back, and is buckling down apparently

I have to say, Marjorie really has turned a new leaf with these piano lessons.  However, I try not to hear her heavy sighs of discontent

 I also try not to notice her 
comfort eating 

 However, Marjorie is now making a big effort with her grandchild (I think)

 Which is more than can be said for that sap Alastair.  Making a new life with Mary, he truly is repenting in leisure.

 And it’s no good making cow‘s eyes at my wife, like he did all over Christmas, she won’t go near him now he’s known a servant!
(husband’s don’t count!)

 And he no longer practises medicene, he has turned to vetinary surgery.  Relatively successful, he operates from our basement, while Mary tends to his six stepchildren.

 As for me, I’ve stopped watching the old box, and have become a stand-up comedian – well, a sit-down one really (guffaw!)

Got a bit of a cult following now.  Odd little chaps, but very loyal.  Wouldn’t like to be alone with one of them though!

My Agent is delighted with my success.  Reckons I’ll be on Mock The Week in no time!
The bookings at the Bearcat Club are rolling in!
“Just be yourself, my boy! Keep up all that stuff about sleeping with servants and your country estate, and the laughs will keep coming”
He pats me on the back.  He’s a bit odd himself actually.  

There is one thing my agent doesn’t approve of – with good reason actually – and this is my “business manager”.  (Gay Ken from next door)
Hardly any business gets done, and we end up in bed. 

 “We can never have a future,” I constantly tell him, “my life is with Marjorie and Lavinia”

“They will be welcome in our new lives, Paul.  We have to stop living a lie!”
My answer is always the same:  No.

“One day, you will be mine all mine!  Cackle, Cackle!”

 Bit worried about him, actually.

End of Part One (series two)
Next week:  Marjorie encounters a thunderbolt, and Lavinia propositions Alastair.  

Same time, same channel …..  

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