Meanwhile, Lavinia, now tag-free, watches “her” Alastiar from under her long lashes:

And She pounces on him one day, when he goes to wash his hands after a kitten delivery.  Mary being out at the post office, and Mrs Slag bathing the children

 “Alastair!”, she cried, “You belong to me!  Why did you go off with that slag, Mary?”

 It was a question that Alastair could not answer himself.  Their union had been so urgent and hurried – and their “marriage” cermony rough and sordid: 

Alastair can still recall the coldness of the place (behind that fence).

 “But whatever and whyever, Miss Lav, I cannot wed you.  You’re far too young!”
Oh no!, ” she cried, “I cannot be denied again!  When I am 16, we will go to my father for permission to marry!”
“erm… Make it 18”, he suggested nervously.

  When Lavinia had fled back upstairs, Alastair seriously thought about the girl’s proposal.  It could be possible for the two of them to have a future.  It could be a way for him to get back Upstairs, and treat Mary like a servant again. 

 However, Mary (back unexpectedly) heard every word.  She was not having any of this!
Alastair was hers!!
Not that spoilt blueblooded Brat’s.
She devised an evil plan immediately!

Calling Alastair upstairs, she seduced him brutally and without mercy.

 “No Mary!  I beg you!”, he cried, but it was too late!

 That night in bed, Alastair bruised and sore, Mary announced that he had made her pregnant that afternoon, and they would have to be married after all.  Properly this time.  With a Vicar and everything.

Alastair ran back upstairs (even though he wasn’t really allowed up there) in tears.  However would he get away from Mary now?  He could never be with Lavinia.  He would never be Upstairs – ever again!

Meanwhile, back at the piano, Marjorie is tinkling absent-mindedly, dreaming of what might have been.  Or what will never be.

Or would it????


“Hello there!  My name is Lord Posh!  
 Jolly well let myself in, bally desperate to learn the piano, m’dear!  Here’s a load of money!”

To say Marjorie was hit by a thunderbolt was an understatement.  

 And it seemed Alistair
wasn’t the only one who could
see a way out of here!  

Will Marjorie use Lord Posh as a passport out of the middle class suburbs?  Did Alistair ever get to wash his hands?
Tune in same time, same channel for Episode Three!  
Don’t touch that dial!!! 

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