The Amanda Ann Family Spring Special

One has moved house:

Lord Posh managing to wangle some money from our lost country estate and all that.

 Unfortunately, Marjorie finds the house so common, she won’t even sit in the room. 

I actually wanted this room to be our bedroom.  Hence the pink.  A kind of a love palace, if you will.  Me not being gay and everything…

But the awkward mare wanted it as a first floor sitting room.  Sigh!

Also making the original lounge into a cold and loveless room.  A bit like our new bedroom in the attic actually……

I also tried to put it over to Marjorie that Mary would have a devil of a struggle getting her gin up the stairs…..  

 The poor girl is already grappling with the new state-of-the-art kitchen.  That reminds me, I must sort out some sleeping quarters for Mary…

Lavinia also does not take kindly to her new abode:

 But, on our first night, once I’d finally persuaded Marjorie to climb the weary stairs….

 There was someone in our bed. And Lavinia became our little girl again…

 So Marjorie made her bed for the night in our Daughter’s room

 And I tried to get forty winks on an old chaise lounge – bit like old times really……

The truth is, we’ve never really had a proper house before…..  it’s all been shelves and hard bases, even in our sixties heyday.  Stuck in a kid’s conservatory.  

 And I really wonder whether we‘ve done the right thing!  

Series Three happening very soon.  Don’t touch that dial…….

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