Sadly, the trauma of Ken’s insensitive intrusion, and Lord Posh’s knockback meant Marjorie moving out of the family home:

 Lord Posh offered her his pied-a-terre in London.  Great location, if somewhat bijou.

 Begged her not to go, natch.  But Marjorie was determined.

  I know there are things in life called fresh starts, and sham marriages, but you have to understand how it is with my wife and I.

We belong together, you see.  We always did.  From infanthood, we were betrothed by our neighbouring family estates:

And then there was the birth of our beautiful daughter:

We’re a part of each other.

Luckily, Marjorie found her old crowd dull and shallow and er- old.

And so, she returned to the Fold.  I awoke to find Marjorie watching breakfast television, back where she belonged.

 Jolly good timing too.  It was nice for Marjorie see her daughter really buckling down and studying (without supervision), (and the tag). 

Even got herself a new boyfriend.  Decent chap, from the local vicar college.

 Very upright young man. Impeccably mannered, and full of bible quotes, that sort of thing.

And according to Mary’s and Mrs Slagg’s gossip, Lavinia, blinded by love, offered herself to him.

 But being a pious sort of a bloke, he held off, claiming that he wanted to wait for the sanctity of their wedding night. Then they could go at it like the clappers!

He didn’t even mind about our illegitimate grandchild.  He merely pronounced that Lavinia had been sinned against.  

However, just when we thought Lavinia would make a good marriage after all, I noticed something amiss after supper one night:

  If he was such a Man of God, why was he looking at my wife’s legs?

 Sadly, that is all we’ve got time for this series.

You’ll have to tune in at a later date to find out if that really was a bible Lavinia’s boyfriend held.
Or if Marjorie and he are tempted by forbidden fruit.  Or am I?

Tune in, same time, same channel – er- very soon.  

Thank you and Goodnight. 

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  1. That's it! The miniatures and I are exhausted! We're off for a bit of a rest. Will it be the beachhouse in Malibu? The caravan in Clacton? The hostel in Bethnal Green? Who knows???


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