Life with the Amanda Ann Family Part Five

Marjorie had finally got her new dressing table.  The French model she had hankered for.  And yet it seemed a hollow victory

 now Paul had left her.

Oh, he hadn’t physically gone, but the night he had met that Swedish mare, Marjorie knew she had lost him. 

 Marjorie started to clean up her act.  No more Gin, and she sat the family table for mealtimes, as Paul had always requested.  But she felt it was far too late.

Marjorie felt disorientated and dispossessed.  She had been in the emotional driving seat for so long, she had no idea where else to go

 After all her failed trysts with young men, Paul had been there waiting patiently for her return.  Suppose the shoe was on the other foot?  Would he come back? 

Marjorie miserably recalled that fateful night, and Paul’s sexual awakening with Krista.  He had never made those cries of ecstacy with her!  

 Marjorie began to play long and mournful sonatas into the early evening.

Paul hadn’t seen that girl since.  Marjorie was sure of it.  But he’d left her just the same.  

 Marjorie joined her husband in the conservatory, where Paul sat most nights.  But how long would she be able to sit beside him as his Wife?  Someone was waiting in the wings, ready to take her place.  Someone had come between them, and it would never be the same again.

“Paul,” she suggested gently, “there’s a back to back showing of The Inbetweeners on More4.  Let us go and watch it.”

 Paul had nodded silently, and they sat there companionably together, like the old days, when she comfortably took him for granted.  And for a while, it almost felt the same.

Is this curtains for Marjorie?  Will Lavinia ever arrive back from Christian camp?  Is this the end of their uncomfortable marriage?

Tune in same time, same channel for the next tumultous episode.  Don’t touch that dial!!!

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