The Amanda Ann Family Episode Six

As Lord Posh had been so unsupportive lately, Paul confided in his agent about his turmoil:

 The Agent, who had come to talk about a possible TV show, was delighted about this:

“That’s great, m’boy!  All good material!”
(Paul wondered why he’d bothered!)

 “By the way, this is my new assistant, Krista.  Lovely girl.  She’ll see to your every need!”
With that, he got in his Mercedes and left.



“Forgive me, my darling, but I had to come!”

And never had the agent said a truer word, as Krista fulfilled Paul’s every need in that unassuming little conservatory.

And later, both drained and sated with love, they talked and talked until the sun went down.

Something made them turn round, to see Marjorie sitting there calmly.  She didn’t seem upset her bete noir was in the house.  It was almost like she was expecting her.

 Krista, embarassed and shaken, went off to “freshen up”, leaving the two of them alone.

“I’m keeping the house, Paul.  That’s the one thing I demand for Lavinia and myself.”
“My darling,” Paul replied, “of course you are.  And I’m not going anywhere.  Krista is moving in here!”

 “You see, Marjorie, I want a menage a trois !”

 Marjorie, ashen-faced,  rang for Mary to bring the Gin.
“I’ve always wanted two wives, my sweet.  Don’t you see?  I think it’s a topping idea, those Morons have absolutely got it right!”

“Mormons, Sir”

 And there stood Mary, Mrs Slagg and Lavinia (escaping from Christian Camp).
“We’ll soon get the bitch out of here, madam”, Mrs Slagg mumbled.

Paul knew then that it was more than Marjory they were taking on……

Will Paul ever get away with his outrageous demand, or will Marjorie’s “gang” get the better of the new lovers?  Don’t miss the gripping next installment..
Same time, same channel.  
Don’t touch that dial!!!


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