The Amanda Ann Family Show Episode Seven

Marjorie is taking comfort from Mrs Slagg in the kitchen.

“It’s one of them mid-life crises, Ma’am.  He’ll get over it!  Charlie gets loads of ’em, don’t you, Charlie?”
She gestured to her boyfriend standing before her (Paul’s true father).
“Why, if Charlie went off with another gal, you’d soon change your mind, wouldn’t you, Charlie?”

 “Er – yeah”, he mumbled.

Secretly he thought the new mistress was smashing, and had been more civil to him than his daughter-in-law had ever been.

At first, Marjorie’s allies worked hard and dilligently to protect her territory:

 Mary “accidently” spilt drink over Krista seven times in one cake serving.
“Please be more careful, Mary.”, Marjorie had smirked.

 And Mrs Slagg “managed” to ruin Krista’s silk panties in a 90 degree wash!

Paul was particularly furious about this!

 Lavinia (escaping from Christian camp), took a less subtle approach, and kicked the husband-nabbing swede brutally in the vagina!
“Goal!”, Mary had shouted.

 There was to be no action for the “newly-weds” that evening!

 Marjorie, herself, did nothing.  Softly, softly and all that.

Krista would try to talk to Marjorie, who would clam up and snub the bitch.
She was not having any of it!

Sadly, the tide soon turned:

 Krista cured Mary of her terror of the washing machine.  And showed her what you really put in it.  Teaching the young skivvy to love and embrace her new kitchen (like they did in Sweden and that)

 And Krista showed Mrs Slagg things to do with a herring that she had only ever dreamt of!  

 And despite the eight year age difference, Krista became the sister Lavinia had never had.   Talking about chaps, make-up and all that sort of thing.

So the wall came tumbling down pretty fast.  Marjorie should have known she’d never have a chance against someone like Krista.  However:

 Marjorie held a cunning plan up her sleeve.  One that would send the unwelcome Scandanavian packing – for Good!!!

Will Marjorie’s extraordinary and outrageous plan ever work?  Will Mrs Slagg ever be able to pickle a herring?
Will Mary ever do a full washload?  And at what temperature?

Don’t miss the next gripping installment, same time, same channel.
Don’t touch that dial!!

For an exclusive interview with the wonderful Lord Posh, click the link below:

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