The Amanda Ann Family Show – Series Four

Part One

What ho!  Simply spiffing to be back – and welcome to Series Four.  Topping news!  Lord Posh managed to wangle more money from our former estate.  Decided to invest it into a super terraced house in the next road!

 Worth 2 million, what?  We couldn’t even give these labourers cottages away at our old place!  Still, good schools and all that.  Extraordinary these middle classes!  

Neighbours look a bit dodgy though!

 I’d show you round but I can’t get into the fucking thing.  1/24th scale and all that, what?

Have decided to offer it to Mr and Mrs Slagg.  Can’t keep having them bunking down in the old garden shed – arf!  arf!

 Marjorie, meanwhile, horrified at having to discuss servant’s welfare, stays well out of it.  She simply grills Mary on where I’ve hidden the gin.

 I suspect that Mrs Slagg is far more enthusiastic about the new place, than her partner.  

 “Does it have to be so fuckin’ pink?”, was all he uttered.  
I think the impending commitment to Mrs Slagg is the real bete noir.  Them not being married yet and all that.  

 Meanwhile, my pilot TV show has been well received.  BBC has made the highest offer so far.  

Then my fortune downturned:

 Looking out at the evening sun, before relenting and giving Marjorie her gin, I saw something I didn’t want to see:

 And what I suspected all along……
Melvin and Lavinia together again.  

Will Paul be able to nip this in the bud?  Will Lord Posh turn nasty?  Will Marjorie ever get her gin back?  

Tune in to part Two, same time, same channel….

Don’t touch that dial …..

For more of these great actors, click on this link –

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