The Amanda Ann Family Show episode Ten

Marjorie awoke from her drunken slumber to see her husband sobbing before her:

 Then she saw Lord Posh lying there next to her. 
“Paul”, she said softly, “It’s not what you think.”

 Lord Posh, once awoken, also did his best to dissuade his (disgraced) best friend that this was all above board. 
“Had too much Dubonnet, old chap!  Bally passed out.  That was all.  Don’t sleep with other men’s wives, you know that.”

Paul dried his tears:
“Th – then I’m not too late?”

“Hmph!  Will have to think about that one!”, Marjorie scowled.
“However, there is some good news.  I was going to write and tell you, but now you’re actually here…”

“Paul,” Marjorie said dramatically, “May I announce our darling daughter’s engagement to Lord Posh!”
Their daughter engaged to a roughish, yet lovable, toff!  Paul had never been so happy!  And to think he had nearly thrown it all away!
Krista actually got it together with Hamish of all people!  Especially as he had landed a slot on Sunday evenings on ITV.  Presenting a show called “Hamish Repents” 

Paul felt nothing for the gold-digging little trollop, but Marjorie said the couple could come round anytime.  (She missed the Swedish minx in a weird way, and she could stop Mrs Slagg whinging about bloody herrings!)

 Paul and Marjorie held a huge engagement party and toasted the happy couple.  Lavinia looked radiant, and Lord Posh, although slightly distressed at hearing he had a ready-made child in the social system, was too much in love with his fiancee to really make an issue of it.

  Well, that seems to be it for now.  Will Lavinia make a good wife?  (When she’s 21, that is).  Will Mary be pregnant by the Texan?  Will Marjorie ever forgive Paul?  And will Paul’s and Hamish’s shows go head to head on the ratings front?  
You may now touch that dial!!!!

3 thoughts on “The Amanda Ann Family Show episode Ten

  1. Right, that's it! We're all off to catch a flight to LA for a good rest! All this turmoil is exhausting! Watch out for Lav's Rants comin very soon. I love you all!


  2. Enjoy the holiday Heather. Be careful on those roller blades along the promenade (would they call it that?)!


  3. Isn't that the broadwalk? Promenade sounds a little like Bournmouth. And don't they do that roller blading at Venice Beach or somewhere? We thought Malibu beach would be good, though. Only the occasional film star walking by.Thank you for your good wishes


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