The Amanda Ann Family show episode Nine

Paul was appalled at Marjorie’s behaviour, and he and Krista were leaving the family home:

Like most of these things, it was all quite civilised.

 “Well, goodbye, Paul.” said Marjorie, “And thank you for such a shit marriage!  And you’d better take that scrubber, Costa or Starbucks, whatever her name is, with you.”

“Ha ha!”, Paul said stiffly, “Very funny, Marjorie.  This is what you do after Krista opened her heart to you.”

“Opened her legs more like,” Marjorie said, having to have the last word.

 There were tears from the other members of the house, but Marjorie was certain they weren’t for bloody Paul!  

Marjorie was truely alone.  She had never been anything but a wife, now she was lost, though strangely at peace, after all that fighting.

 However, she reckoned without the charming companionship of Lord Posh every evening.  Appalled at Paul’s behaviour, he became a good and close friend – with no hanky-panky.

 He was feeling pretty abandoned himself, what with Mary packing him up for a (visiting) Texan!

 His friendship with the doe-eyed Lavinia also deepened.

Meanwhile, things were not going so well for Paul.  In their little love nest in Shepherds Bush, Krista became shrewish and nagging.  She resented Paul’s pilot show, and demanded to play a part in it!  But Paul didn’t have that sort of pull – yet.

He began to yearn for Marjorie’s elegant sighs of discontent.  “Accidentally” walking past his old home one evening, he saw his wife laughing and joking with Lord Posh.  How could they have so much fun without him ?!

 And that night, he began to realise that Krista only reminded him of Marjorie when she was younger.

He left her a note while she slept, and crept off into the night

He legged it as fast as he could to Twickenham, and his old Dad let him in

“Oh please don’t let me be too late!”, he puffed.

But when he got to his former bedchamber:

“Ah no!  I am too late!”, Paul sobs, 
“I’ve ruined everything !”


Has the silly sod really blown everything?  Or is this just a phase?  
Or has Marjorie actually given him the elbow, in favour of Lord Posh?  And will the Texan be able to impregnate Mary before he’s deported? 

Tune in same time, same channel to see the final gripping episode of The Amanda Ann family show.

Don’t touch that dial!!!


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