The Amanda Ann Family show part Three

“Who the hell painted these bannister’s pink?!”

 I was not in the best frame of mind.

 I tried to kick the cat (but without success)
My wife sighed impatiently:
“We chose the colour together, Paul.  For God’s sake, we’re all worried about Lavinia, don’t take it out on us!”

 “Now, why don’t you go out for a nice walk?

 And take Mara with you”
My wife had a strange relationship with my current lover/friend.  

 So to please my nagging wife, me and Mara entered into the great outdoors.
I strode on, regardless.
“Puff!”, said Mara
“Don’t call ME a puff!  Oh, I see….by the way, Mara, you can be a producer.  Apparently, you have to sleep with several people first.  I’ve got a list on me.”
Mara brightened at this prospect.  Was the whole world sex-mad?, I pondered gloomily.

 Marjorie and Lord Posh sneaking out to some Gin Palace in Soho, Mara and I crept home.  

Tea was served.  “For Gods sake, Mara, I can’t eat Mary’s cake all on my own.  Sit down please.”

Mara came over and held me.  She told me that Lavinia would be alright, and that she would come home when she was ready.   So how about she help me find that list?  We melted into each other, the cake forgotten. 

“Phew!  That was wonderful, Mara.  I shall miss you.”
Mara didn’t argue.  We both knew that that would be the last time.  Now she had that list, there was no stopping her.  Such spunk, that girl.  
Suddenly, the front door opened.  We sat up abruptly:

 It was my little girl, returned to the fold.  Only she had a rather unsavoury accessory with her.
“Oh papa!  You’re not Doing It with one of those horrid servants again, are you?!”

“Don’t you talk to me like that, my girl!”
Now I was really incensed, “Where have you been for the past five days?!”

 “Melvin and I have eloped!  And I’m carrying his child!  (again)”
“Aaarrgh”, I replied.

Has the evil Melvin bewitched our Lavinia once again?  Has he really got his feet under the table now?  How will Paul tell Marjorie?
Will Mara get to the top of the list?

Tune in, same time, same channel….
Don’t touch that dial!!

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