The Amanda Ann Family Show Part Five

That night, in his luxurious Mayfair flat, Lord Posh slept fitfully.  Where had he seen that boundah Melvin before?

Stumbling down to breakfast, it suddenly came to him – yes, of course!!

Before Lord Posh could  burst into the Amanda Ann household unannounced, Melvin and Paul were having intense Breaking Bad talk.  The elder of the men trying not to admit he was enjoying himself.  After a lifetime in a household of women……

” ‘Scuse me, Majorie old gal”, Poshie puffed as he burst through the door, “need to use your telephone….”

 “Er – yes, Poshie, if you so wish.”, Marjorie answered, bemused.

After a brief conversation, he gathered Paul and Marjorie together:

 “What the hell is going on, chum?”  Paul enquired.
 “I have taken the liberty of inviting round Melvin’s parents!”, the pintsized, blueblooded toff announced.

“What….?”, said Melvin, overhearing from the top of the stairs, his acned face contorted with panic!

“Oh no!,” Marjorie exclaimed, 

 “We’d better lock away the (remaining) silver!”

“Oh, that won’t be necessary, my dear.”

The doorbell chimed:
“Mary!”, Lord Posh commanded, “Answer the door!”

 Mary did as her former lover required, then nearly dropped the cake!
Surely not…..

 Two imposing figures entered the modest hallway.  
“Good day to you.  We believe our son Melvin is here.”

 “Good Grief!,” Melvin’s potential father-in-law exclaimed in a bemused fashion, “Your parents are posh!!!”

Whatever is the meaning of this?  Melvin not being common after all!!!

Tune in same time, same channel to reveal the truth about the pimpled young rogue.  

Don’t touch that dial!!!

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