The Amanda Ann Family Show part Seven

Well, Melvin walked out of our lives as quickly as he walked in…

 Or slumped out, rather…

And Poshie has a new filly, a mature, if fading, pop cum movie star.

 We’re talking about a spot on my TV show.  Well, we’ll see….

Meanwhile Lav’s moved her lesbian lover in.

 Stroppy old thing.  Quite militant.  And they’re always in the bloody bedroom!  No!  I don’t want to know!

On the whole, life was peaceful again.  However there was one more score to settle….

At the end of a late summer evening, in the television room, I said to Marjorie softly:  “Time for bed, my love.”
“Oh what ho!  Goodnight then.  I’ll turn off the lights when I come up”
“No, my sweet,” I said gently, “I meant together.”

  Marjorie froze in horror, but she knew I was right.  It was the only thing to do if we were going a make a go of this marriage.

We rushed like  billy-o to the sitting room.   Marjorie promptly necked a bottle of Gin, where I put away twenty Craven A. 
“We’ll just go to bed like always, Marjorie, – only this time, with each other”, I laughed nervously.

“Paul?,” Marjorie asked through a fug of Gin
“Yes, my pet?”
“Have we moved house again?”

“Oh yes, my dear.  That nice Director General at the BBC bought it for me.  
They carried you in here last week.
Decent chap.  Pleased with the old show, what?
So get lots of gladrags, Marjorie, nothing but showbiz dinners from now on.”
Marjorie sighed with contentment.

By the time we got into bed after lots of talking, Marjorie fell into a drunken slumber, and I had a chesty cough.
“We’ll Do It later, my pet”, I said
Much later,” she murmered, a smile on her beautiful face.  

So there you have it.  You have been with us through both good times, and bad times.  Mainly Bad. 
Now the road generally seems clear for the Amanda Ann’s.  
However, watch this space, we haven’t quite finished yet!

Thank you for watching The Amanda Ann Family Show.  

You may now touch that dial!!!!

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