Sadly, Running River proved to be barren.  There would be no heir to succeed the Big Chief.

 Reluctant to replace his plucky young squaw, he looks on Facebook and see’s Marjorie’s announcement of her first son:

 Big Chief knew the parentage of the half-paleface, and recognised his own son when he saw him.   He resolved to bring him to the reservation that will one day be His.

Consequently, Big Chief sent over his trusty second-in-command to the green fields of South West London (on Unijet), to retrieve the Chosen Child.
 Paul, upon discovery of the abduction of little Two-Dogs-Screwing (George, for short), became stricken by grief.

Mercifully, Marjorie managed to calm Paul down, and they listened again to the drum message left by the thieving Cherokee:
“Two-Dogs-Screwing go back reservation.  He will be heap big chief.  He no learn airy-fairy ways like paleface kids. Child be safe and happy. Running River say Hi.”
 “There you are, dear.  George is well cared for, and we’ll visit Nebraska when he turns 30, if you like.”

And the subject was closed.  After all, there were bigger fish to fry:

 Evil cousin Davina was coming to stay, along with her nit-ridden son, Alfie.

“How are you, Paul ?”, she greeted him with steely and knowing eyes, as well she should:

For they shared a terrible and wicked secret, that no-one must ever know…….

Tune in next week to find out this dreadful secret that only Paul and Davina must know about.


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