“You know, you’re really asking for trouble”, I told Davina, one quiet and dusty afternoon, “Marjorie sees you with Basil (the bastard), she’ll have you out on your ear!”

“Then we’ll leave together, eh?  Little Cuz!  Once I spill the beans about us !”

“There is no “US”, Davina!”, I tried to implore her.

But she was getting ready to meet Basil, and my words fell on stony ground.  

Meanwhile, Lavinia encountered a visitor:

 She was not best pleased:

“What are you doing in my room, you horrid boy?!  Bugger off!”
 “Where did you put my ball?”, he asked
“Oh – that.  Threw it in the river!  It was rough and common!”

To Lavinia’s shock and surprise, Alfie threw himself on her bed in tears.

“What are you crying about, you stupid little oik?  You must have other toys?!”
He shook his head miserably.  The ball was all he had.  His mother never gave him anything.  

Lavinia, her own eyes moistening, lay down with her young cousin, and they talked about how Alfie was dragged across auditions and theatres, never stopping long enough to see a nit doctor. 

But meanwhile, Marjorie finds a very different couple in bed:

Something she’d known about, yet didn’t want to know about…

And now she had to…..

This must surely be curtains for Davina now.  Even Marjorie could not tolerate such blatently bad behaviour.  

Tune in same time, same channel to witness Davina’s fate….  

Don’t touch that dial!!!!

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