“Good God!  Davina!  How could you?!”, Marjorie gasped:

“Basil and I are in love, Marjorie”, Davina announced.  “You may have been a plaything to him, but I’m certainly not!  – isn’t that right, Basil?!”
“zzzzzz…”, her lover replied.
 So it was a grim old affair when Davina packed her case, and came to sneer Goodbye – the room full of quiet tension.
“Come along, Alfie.  Get dressed!”, she commanded her confused, but nit-ridden, son.
Lavinia appeared in an instant:  
“But no!  Alfie is to remain here!”
 There was a stunned silence:
Lavinia appealed to her father, “Papa, Alfie has no home life with aunt Davina.  The least we can do is to offer the boy some security with us….”

“I’m proud of you, Lavinia.”, Paul choked, “Yes, we’re the boy’s only family.  We should help him.”

Marjorie said nothing.  Merely reached for the gin.
“Oh, you’re so right, Paul!”, Davina’s eyes gleamed spitefully, “After all, you are his father !”
Our Paul – not seedless after all?!  Will Davina’s serious accusations end the Amanda Ann’s dodgy marriage?  
Or is the bitch lying – again?
Tune in same time, same channel for the next gripping episode….
Don’t touch that dial!!!!

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