“But…”, spluttered Marjorie, breaking the life-changing silence, “You said he was Louis Walsh’s!”

 “Hah!,” Davina spat, “And the poor sap fell for it too!  But now I’ve spent all the hush money, I can stop pretending!”

“Davina!  You are a liar!”, I croaked, not daring to look at Marjorie’s stricken face.

 “Just take a look at him, Paul baby!”

And oh Good God, yes, a bit fatter maybe, but I saw myself looking back at me.  The spit of when I was his age, miserably enduring boarding school!

“You and my husband begat a child?!”, Marjorie rang for more Gin.
“You bet, Marjie.  Good, wasn’t it, Paul?”
“No”, I replied coldly, “it was sad and joyless, Davina.  However, I’m very glad you kept my child.  And I’d like to offer him a home here (after we’ve been to the nit nurse).”

 “It’s a deal, cuz!  Something to remember me by, huh?”
Then her eyes lost their hardness, and her voice softened:
“Look after my lil boy, okay?  I’ve had him for nine years, you can have the other nine”
“I will, Davina.”, I replied solomnly, my own voice breaking.

Can Paul really make a go of having a natural son?  Will he really learn to love nit boy – I mean, Alfie?  And will Marjorie eventually forgive Paul’s indiscretion?  

Tune in same time, same channel…..

Don’t touch that dial!!!!

3 thoughts on “PART SEVEN

  1. Begat? That's a give-away Heather. I'm not sure that my sons know that word! Although having been to a public school I'm sure that Paul does, then he probably knows the Sir Roger de Coverly (well Roger anyway).


  2. Only ever knew it as a biblical term. The sort of word you giggled over in RE. Also the word that if you asked your mum what it meant, she'd give you a clip round the ear and say Never You Mind! Yes, Marjorie's posh girl's academy would have taken those terms for granted. Thanks for commenting.And thank you for your comments, Deb, keep tuned, Nit Boy is here to stay!!Sorry I missed you in Cheshunt once again! I probably drove right past youxxxxxxx


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