Part Two…….

Our Hero, Plastic Paul, a prime suspect for Daphne’s murder.  Surely not???  Read on….

“Now look, Officer, there are things that you should know”

The young constable sighed inwardly:

That’s what they all say, these murderers.  It was going to be a long night

“You see, my wife’s cousin and I had a complicated relationship”
“In fact, it was brutal and twisted.  And one dreadful night when we were alone in the house…. 

She took me roughly and sordidly across my marital bed.”

“I can still hear her coarse laughter as I lay there, bruised and sobbing”

“However, our very sordid union did produce a beautiful son, whom Daphne very recently handed over to me”

“So you see, Officer, I couldn’t ever have killed his mother.  I couldn’t do that to the boy.”

The Constable began to scratch his head:
“Maybe not, Sir, but your wife could..”

“Oh no!!!!”         

Our Marjorie, a murderer?  Surely not??
Not with all that Gin….?

Tune in, same time, same channel

Don’t touch that dial!!! 

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