The Amanda Ann Family Show Christmas Special

Part One:

“What ho!  Merry Yuletide and all that.  

One is temporarily re-housed due to our latest nit infestation.  

However, there are infestations that one had to take with us:

Marigold, the temporary servant, who is growing big with my child

And Marjorie has taken up with Marigold’s ghastly husband.  A sea faring chap whose ship never seems to sail!  

So I put it to old Marje when we were finally alone.

“Do we really have to have him here at fucking Christmas, my love?”

“I mean I’ve got my demons too.  But the mother of my child will be in the kitchen making Christmas dinner”

While Mary is in an open prison for credit card fraud, Marigold has extended her stay.

Mrs Slagg has sent her several cakes

“Oh no, Paul!” Marjorie replied, “Neither of us will be here at Christmas.”

“You see, Paul, the Captain and I are running away to sea!”


Will Marjorie really abandon her dysfunctional family for a life at sea?  Will Captain Haddock really satisfy the needs of a woman like Marjorie?  
Or is this all a red herring?  (Geddit?)  

Tune in, same time, same channel for Part Two !!!

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