Acrostic Corner..

This week, I discovered acrostic poetry. Quelle fun!

Now, this is my first attempt, so er- be gentle…..


Darling, come in from the rain

            you lovely ball of fur

One look at me with your penetrating

            green eyes and I’m

Bowled over, just putty in your

            velvet paws

But if you sabotage my dolls house again

            And act like King Kong

You are out on your ear!

            (you little cow!)

I think I have to work on this art form. If anyone has some good acrostic pieces, please send them in via the contact page.

And to conclude, this is a picture of me performing at The Cranleigh Arts Festival last year – March 2019. In this significant time in history, I need to remind myself how much I took for granted.

I long to wear that necklace again…..

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