Memory Corner…..

Yes, PL’s, we’ve returned to Memory Corner!

I want to take you back to September 2019, at the Devonshire Nature Reserve in Forest Hill. A very special event took place – the Slipoff Festival. Superbly organised by my dear friend and hero, Barney Ashton-Bullock – I mean, what a guy!

Not only is Barney a very talented poet, composer and performer, he organised a day of poetry and musical splendour in this beautiful nature reserve.

I was awed at how much talent I was spending 22nd September with. To name but a few – gifted Warren Cazpa (from left), the amazing Chip Morgan, and the unique Barbara Brownskirt. I have previously swooned over the first two poets, but Barbara was a brand new experience, so I went weak at her presence too. Such a lovely and funny comedian and poet. I hope to catch her again soon.

There was endless talent that day – Dino and the Diamonds, Angus Strachan, Mark Chamberlain, Jeremy Reed, Lady Poe, Brudini, Michael Dench, Hannah Lowe …… and many other beautiful people. Paradise!

On the subject of weak-kneed shenanigans, my lovely hero, Peter Straker took the stage. With that wonderful and golden voice, he completely engulfed us. A fantastic performance, Peter.

As for me, I was honoured to perform alongside the magical Lucy Lyrical. She brought the house down with her clever lyrics, while I tried to match up with my poems.

I drove home drained and elated.

Thank you for that unforgettable and unique experience, Barney.

Sorry, just swooned again!

Anyway, thank you sharing this memory with me. Be back shortly, same time, same channel…….

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