Hello Poetry Lovers,

We have a beautiful poem today by the lovely and clever Trisha Broomfield called Waiting.

This will stir up memories in a lot of us – we have all been on that bus, we have all got ready for a date just after breakfast – we have all shared this urgency……well, read on.

Thank you for stirring and reviving this bittersweet chord, Trisha.


Two hours, hair straightening,

strands curling, eye painting,

borrowed lipstick, pink on pink

then the shoes, borrowed

those too,

sequined dress, never worn

waiting for tonight,

waiting for you

this time, my reflection

tells me,

you will not be able to wait.

Cloaked in fake fur,

mottled legs beneath fake tan

toes peeping,

silver polish once chipped,

twice repainted,

I catch the bus

longing for a cigarette, longing

for you.

The lights of the pub glow

show life inside,

I know, you will not be able

to wait.

You blow smoke sideways,

order the first of many

notice nothing.

My lipstick wears off, time

wears on

sequins lose their lustre

you hurry me back to your flat

unable to wait.

Trisha B

Thank you so much, Trisha.

Wasn’t that just wonderful and poignant?! Tune in same time, same channel for more poetry delights.

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